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I liked it. Dark and scary. And I hate dolls..hahaha... Played here :)

Short but not bad for what it was. Made a video on it.

Довольно классный и маленький хоррор

Желаю удачи в будущих разработках))


Atmosphere was amazing and the premise seems really interesting, but you need to expand on this a bit, there is great potential here!

I did enjoy this game. I thik it created a creepy atmosphere. I wish it was longer and had a few more chase/hunted scenes where I felt scared the creature was gonna get me. But all in all its a fun little horror game! Heres my playthrough if you're interested:

Interesting idea, but left a bit to be desired. Left some feedback and ideas in the video of what could be improved, hope it helps.


This games was polished very well i love the effects you used im interested to see this taken further a job well done to you 


Short but fun, good work :)



1/10 wheelchairs

Estuvo muy bueno , la intriga de que cosa pueda pasar mas adelante me gusto . 


Awesome game!

creepy story


Great short horror, I don't know if I tackled the lore correctly , but 
really spooky and nice game!
keep up the good work!