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Loved the unique combination of themes and mechanics! Fun and scary ^^

Thanks! Our Discord:

You've been waiting for me. That's cool

Really great short horror game! Awesome job!


thank for this game !

Thanks YOU!!!

Your reactions to the first chase!

love the game thank you so much fun 

Tiene un par de sustos que no te los esperas
Tiene un par de sustos que no te los esperas. El toque de los pasillos oscuros le hace interesante. Me ha gustado



Really good game! 


The game would've been scarier if there was an explanation behind the nightmare and the creatures.

The explanation is there, it's just hidden. These creatures are the personification of the character's fears, manifested in dreams.


It was such an honor to Voice Act in this game! I think there's a lot of good things in this game. The atmosphere is creepy, the monster is scary and I like the details to the story! Some objects (like the drawer) seemed obviously placed just to hide, but everything in this game worked well! GREAT JOB!

Thanks for the voice acting, you are the person who played my games first. I appreciate it. Now the game is actively gaining views. I think you will voice my next games.

big creepy